Maxillary Sinus Elevation Course

Corso Teorico-Pratico

Centro di Alta Formazione in Implantologia, Via Rubini, 22 (CO)

22-23 Novembre 2018

Contatti : Tel. +39 031 2759092

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Sinus elevation surgery has become an indispensable part of
the practice of implant surgery, periodontics, and oral surgery.
Procedures have evolved during the last 30 years to a point
where sinus grafting surgery is considered the most successful
augmentation procedure performed today and the survival rate
of implants placed in grafted sinus is comparable to implants
placed in the non-grafted posterior maxilla. The sinus elevation
procedure is still evolving today due to the development of
new surgical techniques and new biomimetic technologies. This
two day course will be held by leading sinus elevation experts
involved in clinical practice, teaching, and research activities. The
two-day course will present sinus elevation surgery and possible
alternatives to sinus surgery. Anatomic models will be utilized to
give participants a hands-on introduction to the lateral window
approach. This hands-on experience will include both traditional
rotary techniques and piezoelectric surgical techniques. Multiple
video presentations and live surgery will enable participants to
realistically experience sinus elevation surgery. The course will
present both evidence-based and new state-of-the-art techniques.
At the completion of the program, the participant will be able to:
• Understand surgical anatomy to prevent complications and
achieve optimal results
• Understand the rationale for correct preoperative planning
• Understand the selection of grafting materials
• Conduct step-by-step surgery techniques.


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